Ghanaian Businesses Leverage Localization for International Success

Ghanaian Businesses

Ghanaian businesses are poised for greatness. From energetic entrepreneurs to established start-ups, the ambition to conquer new markets burns bright. However, the road to international success can be riddled with unexpected roadblocks. While meticulous market research and strategic planning are essential, many Ghanaian ventures find themselves struggling to gain traction overseas. The secret weapon they […]

African languages and cultures vibrant through AFCON 2022

African languages and cultures have been vibrant in football throughout the continent. Beyond a doubt, football is the most renowned and acclaimed sport in the world. In Africa, one might say that it remains at the forefront of the cultural horizon. The Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) tournament, organized every two years since 1957 by […]

African Languages: the need to uphold our linguistic heritage

In keeping with the African Languages Week initiated by the African Academy of Languages (ACALAN) as well as the United Nations’ resolution to dedicate the years 2022–2032 to indigenous languages, a four-day conversation on African languages was organized by Ady Namaran Coulibaly, Operations Manager for Bolingo Consult, and Avishta Seeras, founder of Lingua-Cultura Experience. This […]

Why do Ghanaians find it difficult to learn and speak French?

Kwasi: Bonjour, mon ami Atongo: Bonjour ! Ca va ? Kwasi: Très bien et toi ? Atongo : Je – je – je. My friend, this is how far I can go with the French now. You know, I never took French lessons seriously back then, just like you. Kwasi: Don’t worry, this is the limit I can set for myself despite all […]