“Guide to Your Rights – Ghana Bill of Rights” in Twi!


The Center for Human Rights at the University of Pretoria approached Bolingo Consult with the objective of making crucial legal information accessible to a wider Ghanaian audience. The project involved translating a comprehensive guide explaining the Ghana Bill of Rights from English to Twi, one of the most widely spoken languages in Ghana.


  • Accuracy: Ensuring the translated document accurately conveyed the legal nuances and terminology of the Bill of Rights was paramount.
  • Facilitating understanding: Considering that legal concepts can sometimes be difficult to grasp, Bolingo Consult had to ensure that legal jargon is broken down in a way to resonate with the target audience


Bolingo Consult implemented a multi-step approach to address the challenges:

  • Translator Selection: A team of qualified Twi translators with whom Bolingo Consult has regularly collaborated were assigned on the project.
  • Terminology Management: A glossary of legal terms with their corresponding Twi translations was created to ensure consistency throughout the document.
  • Review and Linguistic Sign-off: The translated document underwent review and revision by both Bolingo Consult’s team and the Center for Human Rights to guarantee accuracy, clarity, and cultural appropriateness.

harnessing the benefits of localization

By translating the Bill of Rights guide into Twi, the University of Pretoria’s Center for Human Rights achieved the following:

  • Increased Accessibility: The guide empowers Ghanaian citizens by providing them with information on their fundamental rights in their native language.
  • Enhanced Legal Awareness: The project promotes public understanding of the legal framework that protects their rights.
  • Influence and Acceptance: With this translation, key human rights and legal concept are integrated into the Ghanaian cultures to influence understanding and acceptance.