As far as tried-and-true business growth strategies go, expanding into a new market is the unshakable standard. But finding the right angle to relate to a new customer base is no small feat. The expert linguists and IT professionals working at Bolingo are trained and highly qualified in adapting content, products and services to foreign audiences. At Bolingo, we are well aware of the importance of establishing editorial lines fitting the chosen audiences. In fact, we are so well-versed in the intricate ways in which language and culture are intertwined that you will find our African Localization Guides featured on Multilingual Media. By choosing to work with Bolingo, you will benefit from our expert linguists’ acute cultural awareness. Our localization catalog also includes subtitling, transcription and voiceover services.


At Bolingo, we pride ourselves in tailoring prices to the client’s needs. Get in touch with us and we will send you a quote based on your project.