Bolingo Consult and Irembo unite forces to strengthen the role of Kinyarwanda in Rwanda’s digitalization drive

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Bolingo Consult and Irembo have established a one-year partnership focused on ensuring that content produced by Irembo as part of digitalisation efforts is localized into Kinyarwanda, a language spoken by 99% of the Rwandan population. Bolingo Consult will localize content produced by the Product, Communications, Customer Experience (CX), and Legal teams at Irembo.

Irembo, a pioneering technology company founded in Kigali in 2014, is recognized as the digital partner of the Rwandan government. With a focus on developing digital products that facilitate online services and payments, Irembo plays a pivotal role in enabling public agencies to process millions in revenue digitally and enhancing citizen access to public services.

According to data from Rwanda’s Ministry of Information Communication Technology and Innovation, 47.7% of the total population has access to the Internet and 82.6% of them are subscribed to mobile cellular phone services. Through the Irembo platform, Rwandans can access 89 government services online via mobile devices and/or PCs. Those services include: Government to Citizen (G2C) and Government to Business (G2B) and Government to Government (G2G) services.

This partnership between Bolingo Consult and Irembo is therefore timely, as it will further enhance access by the population to the online services provided by Irembo as the company works to increase the number of government services on the digital landscape.