Seamless Translation Services in Africa

Bolingo Consult provides seamless translation services in Africa. Specialized in African languages as well as Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

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Seamless Translation Services in Africa

Seamless Translation Services in Africa


From the corporate realm to political institutions and all services in-between. Learn more about Interpretation at Bolingo Consult
Seamless Translation Services in Africa

Translation & Localization

The best Human-Machine collaboration can offer. Translating and localizing every content to any African Language. Learn more
Media localization mic

Media Localization

A seamless journey through linguistic barriers for your brand voice. Learn more
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In September 2022, Bolingo Consult published a news website, Akan Kaseɛbɔ ( in two of the Akan languages: Asante Twi and Fante. Akan Kaseɛbɔ, meaning “Akan News,” is the first online platform that has every string translated into the Akan language, enabling speakers of Asante Twi and Fante to have access to educative and entertaining content in their mother tongue. Akan Kaseɛbɔ is part of Bolingo Consult’s multilingual content publishing initiative that seeks to raise the digital profile of African Languages. Learn More.
Raising the digital profile of African languages
In most of the about 1500 languages of Africa there is a severe shortage of contextually appropriate books covering key social concepts such as Climate Change, Democracy, Peace and Justice as well as technology.

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Our certification in Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001:2015) and Information Security Management Systems (ISO/IEC 27001:2013) has enabled us to improve our processes and procedures in delivering quality services to our clients whilst ensuring confidentiality and data protection.

ISO/IEC certification
ISO/IEC certification

Case Studies

Marry Nanafi

Translation of websites, web and mobile applications using a seamless approach

The client is an organisation which develops technologies to achieve digital inclusion for marginalised groups.......

“,” the first Website in Akan

Akan is a Central Tano Language (a sub-branch of Niger-Congo Language Family), an indigenous language of the .....
Amplifying grassroot voices for climate action

Amplifying grassroot voices for climate action

The client is a donor’s collaborative founded by international philanthropists that supports, incubates and.......

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