Lingala: A Widespread African Language Rooted in Music and Identity
Lingala, a vibrant Bantu...
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Translation services
The Rise of Translation Services for Igbo & Nigerian Pidgin
The African continent...
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Irembo _ Bolingo Consult
Bolingo Consult and Irembo unite forces to strengthen the role of Kinyarwanda in Rwanda’s digitalization drive
Bolingo Consult and Irembo...
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Akan news logo
Bolingo Consult Launches the First Website in the Akan Language
On September 4th 2022,...
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gh businesds
Localization: The key factor Ghanaian businesses ignore when seeking global expansion
The world has transitioned...
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African languages and cultures vibrant through AFCON 2022
African languages and...
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African Languages: the need to uphold our linguistic heritage
In keeping with the African...
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Why do Ghanaians find it difficult to learn and speak French?
Kwasi: Bonjour, mon ami Atongo: Bonjour !...
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