Translation and Localization services at

Bolingo Consult

Bolingo Consult provides seamless translation services as well as localization for African languages, including English, French, Portuguese, Arabic, and Spanish. The use of Translation Management Systems (TMS) and our vast experience navigating the complexities of localization and translation have provided us with the opportunity to work with businesses and organizations in Africa and beyond. Some of the industries we cover include:


Bolingo Consult’s Certifications

Bolingo Consult’s ISO 9001:2015 certification highlights our commitment to consistently delivering on client expectations, while the

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification underscores the importance placed on information security, ensuring clients' privacy and data protection. 

Key translation and localization services

The following are some of the key translation and localization services we provide:

Document Translation:

With our teams of qualified translators and through the use of Translation Management Systems (TMS), we handle a wide range of document formats.  We also support a wide range of languages—currently 120 African languages and growing. 

Website Localization

Our website localization goes beyond translating the content of a website from one language to another. It involves accurately rendering text, images, and other multimedia elements into a target language while preserving the original meaning and context. This encompasses a broader range of adaptations to ensure your website is accepted in the target country, region, and culture.

Software Localization

Entering new markets with your software requires more than just translating strings. Through our software localization services, we ensure collaboration among skilled linguists, software engineers, and cultural experts. The process covers various aspects, such as adaptation of date formats, currency symbols, measurement units, etc.

E-learning Localization

Our E-Learning localization workflow includes analysis of the target language and audience and reviewing e-learning materials to determine localization needs (text, audio, video, images, and interactivities). We adapt online courses, training materials, and educational content to suit the linguistic, cultural, and technical preferences of learners in different countries and regions.

AI-Powered Human Translation

Bolingo Consult’s AI-Powered Human Translation services involve improving machine-translated content by a professional translator. This is what most people also refer to as Machine Translation Post Editing (MTPE). Our human reviewers work to improve the quality and accuracy of machine translated content.