Ami Series Audiobook: Championing Climate Change education for children


Ami Series is a children’s story book divided into volumes 1 & 2 with each volume having two (2) stories. The stories are about Ami, a girl who was fascinated about nature and dreams to make the world a better place. Ami interacted with about 10 different characters. The specification for creating an audiobook required a main narrator who can accurately convey the tone and mood of the novel as well as different voice actors playing the role of the various characters in the story. In addition, this required a recording in a high-quality voice studio with top post-production to enable the audiobook to meet the standards of all audiobook platforms and libraries in the world.

Key challenges

Apart from the high expectation for quality as well as the need to secure a worldwide distribution of the audiobook to all platforms and libraries, the entire narration had to be dramatized. This required a main narrator to accurately convey the tone and mood of the story as well as voice actors playing the role of the various characters in the story.


At Bolingo Consult’s Khoikhoi Studio, we have a workflow for production which involves Script Preparation, Analysis and Direction, Casting and Auditions and Recording Sessions with Voice Talents. The Post-Production Workflow on the other hand involves Cleanup (Noise reduction, De-clicking/De-popping, Breath removal, etc), Editing (Removing mistakes, Compiling takes, Trimming & Pacing, etc), Sound Design (Music & Sound Effects Integration), Quality Control and Review as well as Mastering and Finalization.

This standard workflow made it possible to cast and audition for voice actors for all the characters in the Ami Series. Voice actors and the lead narrator were able to adequately convey the tone and mood of the story throughout. Due to the procedure followed, the audiobook met all the requirements for worldwide distribution. A dedicated audiobook distribution channel was used to make available Ami Series Volume 1 & 2 on all audiobook platforms including Spotify, Kobo, Google and Apple.

“Children from varied backgrounds will definitely love this audiobook. My daughter, Korlekie, asked to meet Ami after listening to the audiobook, and that made me also wish to meet Ami! I can’t wait to listen to the narration of the story in other African languages” Omusula W. Omuholo, after listening to the Ami Series audiobook with her daughter

Ami Series Audiobooks